Dog Behaviour Services

Behavioural phone call

Phone discussion about ANY behaviour or training issues, $80.
Up to 30 minutes in length. 
If a behaviour consultation booked in, a discount of $80 will apply to that consult.

Behavioural consult 


For all behaviour problems such as:

  • Situational fear such as in the car or Veterinary clinic
  • Anxiety - generalised, separation
  • Phobias eg. thunder, fireworks
  • Reactivity
  • Aggression to other dogs, to strangers or in the home.
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorders such as tail-chasing, flank sucking, pacing
  • Inappropriate toileting/house soiling 
  • Age-related cognitive disorders (senility, dementia) and more. 

We will formulate a specific plan for your dog that involves environmental management, behavioural modification programs, training of specific behaviours and appropriate medication if indicated. You will receive a detailed report and email support ongoing. 

Single consultation:

Up to 2.5 hour consultation at your home, $550 plus a $30 travel surcharge if more than 100km from hamilton central. 

Includes up to two Phone consultations in the 6 weeks post consult. 

Two consult package: 

Initial consultation plus follow up consult (1.5 hours) one month after the first. $725 plus $60 travel surcharge if more than 100km from hamilton central. 

Three consult package: 

Initial consultation plus two follow up consultations (1.5 hours) one month after the first. $975 plus $90 surcharge if more than 100km from hamilton central 


Zoom based consultations may be available on case-by-case basis.


One on one behaviour training  (Canine)

$150/hour plus travel as above.

For uncomplicated problems such as pulling on lead, jumping up, excessive barking, destruction, digging etc. Contact me to discuss whether this suits you and your pet.

This may be part of a behavioural modification program, depending on case. 


Training for Vet visits 

$150/hour plus travel as above

Want to prepare your Dog for an upcoming procedure or had a poor experience in the past you want to work on?

Vet-visit training focuses on preparing or counter-conditioning your animal for Veterinary/health procedures such as physical exams, injections, nail clipping and more. 

Using co-operative care and positive-reinforcement techniques we can turn your vet visit into the best time of your animals week.


Not sure what would best suit you and your dog? Send us a message to see how we can help!

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