Cat Behaviour Services

Behavioural phone call

Up to 30 minutes in length


Phone discussion about ANY behaviour or training issues. If a behaviour consult is booked in, a discount of $80 will apply to that consult.


Behavioural consult 

Up to 2.5 hour consultation at your home, plus report, and up to two phone consultations within 6 weeks of your consultation. 

For all behaviour problems such as:

  • Situational fear such as in the crate or Veterinary clinic
  • Anxiety and stress 
  • Phobias eg. thunder, fireworks
  • Aggression inter-cat or towards humans
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorders such as over-grooming
  • Inappropriate toileting/house soiling 
  • inappropriate scratching
  • Age-related cognitive disorders (senility, dementia) and more. 

We will formulate a specific plan for your cat that involves environmental management, behavioural modification programs, training of specific behaviours and appropriate medication if indicated. You will receive a detailed report and email support ongoing. We recommend 2 to 3 follow up consultations (see below) for best results.


Single consult package:

Up to 2.5 hour consultation at your home

$550 (plus a $30 travel surcharge if more than 100km from Hamilton Central)

Includes up to two phone consultations in the 6 weeks post consult. 

Two consult package: 

Initial consultation plus one follow up consult (1.5 hours) one month after the first.

$725 (plus $60 travel surcharge if more than 100km from Hamilton Central)


Training for Vet visits 

One hour session

$150 (plus a $30 travel surcharge if more than 100km from Hamilton Central)

Want to prepare your cat for an upcoming procedure or had a poor experience in the past you want to work on?

Vet-visit training focuses on preparing your cat with crate training, setting you up with techniques to reduce stress and anxiety and specific setting up for Veterinary/health procedures such as physical exams, blood-draws, subcutaneous injections and more.

Using co-operative care and positive-reinforcement techniques we can significantly reduce both your and your cats anxiety around vet visits. 


Not sure what would best suit you and your feline?

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